Sunday, April 10, 2011

Think like an immigrant

Ratanjit S. Sondhe is an American success story. He emigrated from India to the United States in 1968 to complete his Ph.D. studies in Polymer Chemistry. He arrived here with $8 in his pocket and two Master's degrees. He soon became an American entrepreneur, creating POLY-CARB, Inc. to add value by offering solutions to infrastructure erosion problems.

In 1980 he heard the message: The bad news is you are broke. The good news is you are in America.

He succeeded tremendously from that point and sold his company to Dow Chemical. Now he advises people and businesses on a better way of life.

For example, He told a City Club crowd that immigrants are "like fresh water in a pond." They come on their own and put themselves in survival mode and see opportunity that American born do not. He wants to convert native born to this immigrant mindset.

Ratanjit Sondhe at City Club of Cleveland

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