Sunday, August 23, 2020

St Stephen Church Cornerstone Dedication

 Cleveland's newest Hungarian monument to St. Stephen, the first King of Hungary, is a cornerstone saved from the recently demolished St. Stephen Hungarian Church in McKeesport, Pennsylvania (1900-2020). The cornerstone was brought to the historic St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church at 9016 Buckeye Road in Cleveland Ohio which was established on June 4, 1893.

Welcome to St. Elizabeth Church

The Church and the United Hungarian Societies (UHS) of Cleveland hosted an outdoor dedication of the monument in the Church's courtyard.

The theme of the dedication ceremony was "Honoring our past by remembering St. Stephen's Catholic Church of McKeesport."

America's first Hungarian Roman Catholic churches in order of cornerstone-laying date:

  • St. Elizabeth's Church - Cleveland, OH. June 4, 1893
  • St Mary's Church - Throop, PA. July 21, 1895
  • St. Stephen's Church - East Toledo, OH. Dedication August 20, 1899
  • St. Stephen's Church - Bridgeport, CT. November 30, 1899
  • St. Stephen's Church - McKeesport, PA. September 8, 1900

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Fun with Maps - Lebanon

 In this episode of Fun with Maps, host Dan Hanson looks at the historic country of Lebanon.  Though small in size the influence of Lebanon and its people is huge. 

Tragically, the capital of Beirut was devastated by explosions in August 2020. 

Vigil in Lebanese Cultural Garden in Cleveland for Beirut

Pierre Bejjani, Ms. Blanche Salwan and Mr. Faris Alameh

 In this episode of Fun with Maps, Dan looks at the major cities, culture, geography, the cedar tree, famous Lebanese people and some fascinating history from the Phoenicians to the present. 

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