Monday, November 20, 2006

Very short stories from Wired Magazine

Last month’s Wired magazine (which I just got around to) has an outstanding section called Very Short Stories. It’s based on Hemingway’s six word story which Papa called his best work. Here it is:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Brilliant! So Wired got 33 writers to come up with 6 word science fiction stories and some are just incredible.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Computer – Did we bring batteries? Computer?
By Eileen Gunn

Epitaph: Foolish humans, never escaped Earth.
By Vernor Vinge

Lie detector eyeglasses perfected: Civilization collapses
By Richard Powers

The baby’s blood type? Human, mostly.
By Orson Scott Card

Check it out:

Friday, November 17, 2006

OSU-Michigan or Six Sigma?

Former GE CEO Jack Welch spoke at Tri-C Corporate College this AM about quality and innovation. Throughout the day there will be classes on lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and other processes.

Welch began his presentation with an announcement of a special Six Sigma presentation to be held the next day (Saturday) at 3:30 PM that will go for about 3 hours (during the Ohio State-Michigan game). Moderator Les Vinney, CEO of Steris, countered that “Hopefully by halftime we’ll be able to attend.”

Welch said he didn’t know who would win the big game. “I went to Illinois – we can’t beat anyone.”

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ohio State Buckeyes vs Michigan Wolverines

Here's a bunch of jokes trashing Michigan for this Saturday's big game. Feel free to replace Michigan with Pittsburgh Steelers in time for Sundays game. ;-)

Go Bucks and Go Browns!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hidden Treasures

I also checked out the preview of the Hidden Treasures of the Diocese of Cleveland at Josaphat's Art Hall on 33rd. Not a lot of items there but it is such a cool place and the items were interesting. Check it out while you can - it's free.
More information.

Fabulous Cleveland Women

I spent much of the weekend at the Fabulous Food Show at the IX Center. had a booth and there were about 35,000 attendees!

The celebrity chefs get treated like rock stars.

We posted a bunch of pics on the site - Robin Swoboda (remember her? She'll have a new show this January on Fox 8) , Paula Deen, Bubba Baker, Carl Monday and more

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Absolutely Fabulous

The Fabulous Food Show is Friday-Sunday at the IX Center.

I’ll be in booth # 467 for a good chunk of the time though may be sampling some vino occasionally.

We ( are giving away over $35,000 in spices and seasonings from Durkees/Tone Brothers.

Also, some great raffle prizes from Dollar Bank (4 Tribe club seats with food!), Plant Magic (a holiday centerpiece), John Roberts Spas (Spa package) and more.

Stop by and say “Hi”

17 Seconds in Heaven?

Time is relative of course but 17 seconds isn’t very long (unless you are underwater or in terrible pain or…)

But Dr. Miles Jones of Net Doctor International told me that on average, we only have 17 seconds to explain our situation to our doctor before he or she takes over the conversation.

And then the whole visit is only 13 minutes including the greeting, checking the chart, small talk and writing up the new information.

That’s just one of the reasons that Dr. Jones is an advocate on on-line healthcare. For more, listen to the podcast from the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit.