Thursday, May 19, 2005

Windows Server Installfest

We will have a special meeting of the Windows Server SIG this Saturday May 21st. We will be doing live installs of Windows Server 2003 on some donated Compaq servers. Time permitting we will bring them up to SP1 level.

Sky Bank donated the servers and Microsoft donated the server software. The completed servers will then be donated to several non-profit sites through Computers Assisting People - CAP.

Paul Stork will lead the session and because it is hands-on, attendance will be extremely limited. RSVP if you want to attend - first come, first serve.

The meeting will be at the CAP Resource Center at 3154 Payne Ave from 10AM till noon.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Deja Vu all over again

I was reading Crain''s today.

There was a frontpage headline about business leaders pledging an "allegiance to regionalism." Seems these 30 business leaders from 18 counties are getting together to form a far reaching business development group. How promising.

Also on Page 1 is a story about public companies dealing with criticism from people posting about them on the Internet. Damn bloggers

The Op/Ed page has an item titled "Academia, corporate worlds need better link." Sounds like a plan.

The type of stuff we read about every week.

But this is from Vol 19 No. 14 from April 6-12, 1998. I was cleaning up some stuff at the office today and discovered this issue stuffed in a box.

7 years and just how far have we come? It would be funny if not so sad.