Monday, December 29, 2003

CAP Report 2003

I sent out a quickie recap (pun intended after being stolen from George Nemeth) of 2003 for Computers Assisting People. Check it out and maybe get involved.

CAP is very grass roots and directly improves people's lives - but you can't just talk about it - you have to get your hands dirty.
Older Microsoft Products off the market.

You might not have caught the quiet announcement earlier in the month that Microsoft is stopping the sale of many older products - those using an older version of the Java Virtual machine. This stems from the settlement of the lawsuit with Sun.

While many will still be supported to some extent, they won't be offered for sale.

This includes BackOffice Server 2000, Internet Explorer 5.5, MapPoint 2002, Outlook 2000, SQL Server 7, Visual Studio 6, Windows 98 and others.

If this affects you check out some info on transitioning

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Glad to see some interesting responses to the previous post about blogging being uncool on George Nemeth's blog -

Check it out and add to the thread.