Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cleveland Indians season

Even though the baseball season hasn't turned out like we hoped and expected, good things are still happening at Progressive Field, such as:

The Cleveland Indians Wives Association benefit for Providence House (see Pictures and Video here)

and I always get a kick out of the senior citizens band at the Tribe games. Win or lose, they make it fun. Here is a 30 second clip of Take Me out to the Ballgame from those guys. True fans.

And here are some women fans (short video) who haven't given up on the Tribe yet.

Go Tribe!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hard Drive in Shake-o-matic paint shaker

It's sad, I know. But I am finally getting to some of my reviews and videos from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that was in Vegas way back in January.

I just posted a review and a video about a Solid State Drive I saw at one of the events.

Because it is solid state and has no moving parts, there are a lot of benefits - reliability, boot-up speed, less heat, less power, etc.

But the video really shows the difference between a traditional drive and an SSD. You would never even nudge a regular magnetic drive while in operation.

Of course, the drives are still very small capacity and very expensive but it's a first step.

Check it out.