Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tragic rape and murder - 30 years later

Sister Dorothy Kazel, OSU and 3 others were raped and murdered 30 years ago while doing missionary work in El Salvador. She was born Dorthea Lu Kazel to Lithuanian American parents, Joseph and Malvina Kazel, in Cleveland.

A tragic story without resolution.

Dorothy Kazel story

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

I saw that lots of people travelled to Cleveland this weekend to tour the house where the A Christmas Story movie was filmed.

At Snow Days at Progressive Field, one of the decorations would be of interest to that crowd.

See more pics from the Snolympics at Progressive Field

Snolympics at Progressive Field

Amanda Barren of WKYC TV

Before Snopening Day, the Cleveland Indians opened the Snow Days for a media preview.

Media could see the snow being made and try the fun features being finalized.

Some of the media were surprisingly agile on skates and some were, uh, not so skilled.

See pics from the Snolympics at Progressive Field

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cleveland Street named for Jesse Owens

The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936, now showing at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in Beachwood, explores the issues surrounding the 1936 Games--the Nazis' use of propaganda, the intense boycott debate, the history of the torch run and the historic performance of Jesse Owens and more.

On Monday, November 15, 2010 a ceremony was held to dedicate East Roadway (NE corner of Public Square) as Jesse Owens Way. Jesse Owens' daughter Gloria was on hand for the ceremony.

Already a track star for his accomplishments at Cleveland East Tech High School and the Ohio State University, the 1936 Olympics in Berlin made Jesse Owens a household name and a symbol who shattered Hitler's racist ideals.

Pictures and video from the Jesse Owens ceremony

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chopin in the Polish Cultural Garden

I sometimes struggle with classical music. As a mathematician I can appreciate the complexity and logic behind say Bach and his Goldberg variations but I don't want to listen to it.

Chopin is different. The melodies from the great composer are terrific background music and will get your foot tapping.

There was a ceremony to rededicate the bust of Chopin in the Polish Cultural Garden last month. A Steinway piano was brought in and no less than Dr. David Dubal, Professor of Performance and Piano at Julliard in New York City, and his prodigy Dongning Yang performed for the crowd.

Chopin performed in the Polish Cultural Garden in Cleveland

See videos and photos from the Chopin Bust rededication event including performances by the Piast dancers - on East Boulevard!

As one onlooker was heard saying, "They just don't have things like this in other cities."

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

1936 Nazi Olympics in Berlin

In August, 1936, all attention turned to the Olympic Games being held in Berlin. A swift young athlete from East Tech High School in Cleveland, Jesse Owens, had captured national attention for his record-breaking feats at The Ohio State University, and made the American team.

It was the undercurrent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis that made the Olympics historic.

Now through January 23, 2011 the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is presenting The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936, produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

It's worth a visit

See photos from the 1936 Olympics exhibit

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hugs for Jason?

I wore a Jason mask while on the porch dealing with the trick or treaters. It was pretty scary with my hood up. A lot of the kids and their parents were scared and I had to take it off to show some of the younger ones it was just a mask.

But two tiny little kids blew my mind. They must have been 5 years old. They came up on the porch and the little boy (a pirate) saw me, pointed and said "Jason!" and then threw his arms around me and hugged me! Then the little girl (a princess) did the same.

I was shocked. First that kids that young knew who Jason was (why were they watching the Friday the 13th movies at that age?) but even more so that they hugged the psycho murderer.