Thursday, February 16, 2006

Great quote about CAP in PD

There’s a great article about Garden Valley Neighborhood Center (on Kinsman) in the Plain Dealer this AM. Arts & Life F1 and F3. In the article, Garden Valley executive director Tinah Mischer is quoted as follows:

“I love that man,” Mischer sang out happily from her office recently, greeting Henry Birney of Computers Assisting People, a local non-profit. “They just gave us 17 new computers. They brought ‘em here and set ‘em up. For free. Do you hear me? I love them guys.”

That’s one of the main things that CAP, and super volunteers like Henry Birney, does – help community centers, schools and the like in needy, underserved areas with their technology so that the residents in the area have a safe, educational, productive place to be empowered by the technology that many of us take for granted.

Your support and interest in CAP has let our volunteers assist over 260 local non-profits like Garden Valley.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kielbasa and a Strohs anyone?

I admit it. I am a big fan of the Milan Jacovich stories written by Cleveland Heights author Les Roberts. The stories of the tough private eye are good enough on their own but Roberts uses the city of Cleveland as the setting for his 13 Jacovich titles. So we are inundated with references to local streets, suburbs, restaurants, businesses and institutions.

It’s a blast to read about places you know so well and the streets you travel daily. The first 9 of the Jacovich series are now out in paperback and the final 4 will be out sometime in March. The first in the series is called Pepper Pike – start with that one and read them in order for the best experience.

Sometimes you take for granted the richness of the diverse cultures we have in this area. It reminds me of a business trip to Des Moines, Iowa a couple summers ago. It was so uniform – and boring. The closest I could find to an ethnic restaurant downtown was a national pizza chain.

The proudly Slovenian Milan Jacovich character is a refreshing reminder of what we have here in town.

Look for a special Lolly the Trolley tour this spring of some of Milan Jacovich’s haunts.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Lute Sr in Houston?

I have to admit I was surprised when I read my sister’s profile of Lute and Sue Harmon for I knew much of the story but was not aware that they left Cleveland in 1983 to start a magazine in Houston. They didn’t come back till 1991. Wow – where was I? I guess I didn’t pay attention much to the local journalism scene back then.

It’s interesting to wonder how Cleveland Mag and Cleveland itself would be different if they had not returned. For people with so much power – and buying ink by the barrel still gives you power – they are genuinely nice people who really care about this city.