Thursday, February 16, 2006

Great quote about CAP in PD

There’s a great article about Garden Valley Neighborhood Center (on Kinsman) in the Plain Dealer this AM. Arts & Life F1 and F3. In the article, Garden Valley executive director Tinah Mischer is quoted as follows:

“I love that man,” Mischer sang out happily from her office recently, greeting Henry Birney of Computers Assisting People, a local non-profit. “They just gave us 17 new computers. They brought ‘em here and set ‘em up. For free. Do you hear me? I love them guys.”

That’s one of the main things that CAP, and super volunteers like Henry Birney, does – help community centers, schools and the like in needy, underserved areas with their technology so that the residents in the area have a safe, educational, productive place to be empowered by the technology that many of us take for granted.

Your support and interest in CAP has let our volunteers assist over 260 local non-profits like Garden Valley.

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