Saturday, December 13, 2014

We Pray the Rosary Living Rosary DVD

Hail Mary, Full of Grace…

This DVD is a Living Rosary in the sense that over 200 people participated in saying a prayer. 3 bishops, numerous priests and sisters and a variety of lay people all said a prayer (Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary or Glory Be) that when put together combine to form the complete Rosary.

All 4 Mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous) are included and there is an extra Decade for your special intentions.

We hope that this DVD inspires you to pray the Rosary more frequently. You can choose to view/pray a single Decade, a complete Mystery or all 4 Mysteries. The DVD includes a listing of all the Mysteries.

The Rosary is a great gift given to us by Our Blessed Mother.

If you have any questions or would like to order a large quantity please contact us at

You can order copies of the Rosary DVD securely with your credit card by clicking on the Buy Now button below. The DVD costs $15 and there is a $2 shipping and handling charge. Your credit card statement will have a charge for $17 from Magnum for each DVD. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various Catholic charities.

You can also send a check, made out to Magnum Inc., for $17 ($15 and $2 shipping) each and mail it to:
Magnum Inc.
868 Montford Rd.
Cleveland Heights Of 44121

We hope that you will pray along with the diverse group of people on this DVD. They are young and old, different races and ethnicities, in Church and outside, alone and in groups. The prayers are said in English, but occasionally there is a prayer in another language. You may not know the language but will understand, and be able to pray along, because of the context.

  1. American Sign Language
  2. English
  3. Gaelic
  4. German
  5. Hindi
  6. Italian
  7. Konkani
  8. Korean
  9. Lebanese
  10. Polish
  11. Portuguese
  12. Slovenian
  13. Spanish
  14. Swahili

More Rosary details

Thank you and thank you Mother Mary for this precious gift.

Monday, December 01, 2014

How Does It Feel To Be 99? Keeping up with Maury

When I look back at my life it doesn't seem to be one answer. I always knew I was medically vulnerable because of my genetic background. My parents died very young and I later found out that mostly everyone in our family was all in that same position; bad genetics. ...

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Lebanon Day 2014 in Cleveland

The American Lebanese Community Council presented Lebanon Day in the City of Cleveland to celebrate 71 years of independence for Lebanon. The Rotunda of Cleveland City Hall was full of Lebanese Americans and friends of the Lebanese community.

Dancing at Lebanon Day
3 pages of photos and videos of Lebanon Day 2014

Ajyal Dabke Dancers at Lebanon Day 2014 in Cleveland

The Ajyal Dabke Dancers performed at the 2014 celebration of Lebanon Day in Cleveland in the Rotunda of Cleveland City Hall.

Ajyal Dabke Dancers at Lebanon Day
Photos and videos of Ajyal Dancers

RIP Lucretia Stoica

Lucretia Stoica, Long time (41 years) Director of the International Services Center passed away Nov. 22, 2014 at the age of 92.

"As we in the International world of Cleveland know she was one tremendous giving women...who dedicated her life, above and beyond the call of duty, finding a home and new life for untold refuges seeking a new life in our Cleveland! God Bless" Jim Craciun

Karin Wishner, who holds the position that Lucretia did for so many years said "The International Services Center is grateful for her many years of dedicated service and great love for the people she served. She was an advocate for those who had no voice. I admired her and will miss her."

Her wake will be Sunday at the Corrigan Craciun funeral home in Fairview Park. The funeral will take place on Monday, Dec. 1st at 10:00 at St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Cathedral.

Lucretia Stoica

Lucretia Stoica inducted into Cleveland International Hall of Fame

Kala Art Show

The Indian community rallied around eight of their finest artists in the 2nd Annual Kala Art Show held Sunday, November 16th at the Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood.

Artists with show organizers Poonam Punwani and Mona Alag

See more from the Kala Art Show

Diversity Center Awards

The 60th annual Humanitarian Award Dinner of the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio honored Rick Chiricosta, President and CEO of Medical Mutual of Ohio, and Jose C. Feliciano, Partner at Baker Hostetler.

ClevelandPeople.Com congratulates these two worthy choices and gives a special shout out to our Puerto Rican and Hispanic Ambassador, Jose Feliciano

Jose Feliciano Jr and Sr. at the Diversity Center event

Sewa International

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, Sewa means Service - a unique concept of Service - Selfless Efforts for Welfare of All. Sewa International USA is a Hindu faith-based humanitarian non-profit service organization. Their vision is to increase civic engagement of the communities in the United States to volunteer and promote volunteering.

On November 15, 2014 a sold-out crowd attended an event in Cleveland to learn more about Sewa International, recognize super volunteers and to support the cause - specifically the Family Services project.

Dr. Sree Sreenath, President of Sewa International

Photos and videos of the Sewa International event

Albanian Delegation and Artist Fate Velaj Exhibit

Photographs from highly acclaimed Albanian artist Fate Velaj were on display in the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda in an exhibit called "Albania - seen differently." Velaj is the recipient of many awards, including the "Albanian Excellence Award" given to him in 2012 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Albania's independence.

The photographic display was part of a visit from a delegation from Cleveland's Sister City Fier in Albania. The delegation, which included Fier Mayor Baftjar Zeqaj met with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Council president Kevin Kelley, Councilwoman Dona Brady and other dignitaries during their visit. Mr. Velaj and the Albanian delegation were also recognized at the Cleveland City Council meeting on November 10th.

Mayor Jackson, Fate Velaj and Dona Brady

Photos and Videos of the Albanian Exhibit and Visit

Fr. Bob Begin honored on St. Colman Day

Fr. Caroli B. Shao, A.J. Pastor of St Colman Church in Cleveland wrote these remarks about St Colman Day and the honoring of Fr. Robert Begin.

"This year as we honor Fr. Bob, we recall his 20 years of commitment to the people of St. Colman Parish and to the entire neighborhood. During his 20 years as Sacramental Minister and Pastor, we saw St. Colman Parish growing tremendously in all aspects of parish life: spirituality, social justice, service, education and finances.

Fr. Bob never sat back to watch what would happen. He became a key player in the field, along with all of the parishioners who work so hard to ensure St. Colman's future. Thank you, Fr. Bob, for your gift of service to the people of St. Colman's, the neighborhood and the City of Cleveland."

More from the Fr. Bob Begin reception

Adventure to Ireland - in Cleveland

The latest Cleveland Food Adventurers Passport event was at the Claddagh Irish Restaurant where the sold out crowd enjoyed a traditional Irish breakfast (bangers, black and white pudding, tomato jam and more) while learning about the history and culture of Ireland and the Irish in Cleveland.

They were also entertained by Pipe Major Bruce Grieg who explained the apparel that pipers wear and the parts of the bagpipes.

If you don't know what the word Claddagh means, where most Cleveland Irish hail from or think Craic (pronounced crack)is a bad thing, be sure to watch the videos from the event.

Be sure to learn about the three Irish memorials in Cleveland that every Clevelander should visit sometime.

Photos and videos from the Irish Adventure

1st Annual Refugee Summit in Cleveland

The first Refugee Summit in Cleveland was held Thursday October 30, 2014 in the Rotunda of City Hall. The Summit was hosted by City of Cleveland Health and Human Services Committee, Councilman Joe Cimperman (Ward 3) and in partnership with the Refugee Services Collaborative of Greater Cleveland.

The theme of the Summit was: Get the facts. Fight misconceptions. Explore next steps.

More from the 1st Annual Refugee Summit in Cleveland

Louise Mugongo told her story of being a refugee from Congo