Monday, December 01, 2014

Fr. Bob Begin honored on St. Colman Day

Fr. Caroli B. Shao, A.J. Pastor of St Colman Church in Cleveland wrote these remarks about St Colman Day and the honoring of Fr. Robert Begin.

"This year as we honor Fr. Bob, we recall his 20 years of commitment to the people of St. Colman Parish and to the entire neighborhood. During his 20 years as Sacramental Minister and Pastor, we saw St. Colman Parish growing tremendously in all aspects of parish life: spirituality, social justice, service, education and finances.

Fr. Bob never sat back to watch what would happen. He became a key player in the field, along with all of the parishioners who work so hard to ensure St. Colman's future. Thank you, Fr. Bob, for your gift of service to the people of St. Colman's, the neighborhood and the City of Cleveland."

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