Monday, April 04, 2011

Benefit for Japan

Kids today. They are all lazy slackers who play video games all day, right?

Not these two. Two young high school students, Cameron Beason and Jane Tang saw the stories on the news and knew they had to do something for all the people suffering as a result of Japan's tsunami. Beason says they didn't want to just give money; they wanted to encourage other people to donate as well.

So they organized a Benefit for Japan at Asia Plaza.

Good for you Cameron and Jane!

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Sharon said...

I am extremely proud that my grandson Cameron and his friend Jane showed such maturity and compassion in wishing to hold a benefit for the Japan tsunami victims. I hope that Cameron can top this year's personal best to continue with charitable intentions in the future to make this grandmother even more proud! I have great hopes for my grandson. Thank you for your post.