Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ambulance Chasing

My sister's car was hit last week by a driver in University Circle. No injuries thankfully.

But several disturbing results.

First, the driver in the big new Dodge Durango had no insurance. She said she "was fixin' to get some soon." How do people not have insurance and get a license and drive?

The repairs will cost about $1800.

At the accident scene, the woman did not want to wait for police and her passenger got out, was very rude and when reprimanded by the driver, got back in the car and passed out! Druggie? Narcoleptic? Who knows.

Another disturbing thing happened yesterday morning. The Police Report must have been made public because beginning at 8AM my sister received a dozen phone calls in less than 20 minutes from law firms and chiropractors. The chiropractor offices wanted to help with her injuries even though no injuries were claimed. Are you sure your neck isn't sore?

It was apparent that these people would like to work with the accident victims to get money from insurance companies or others in the "system."

No wonder rates are so high!

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