Monday, September 10, 2007

Ups and Downs

Up: Fun pre-game activities at the Brown's Opener.

Down: Do I have to tell you? The game was an embarassment.

Up: Huge flag that covered the entire field was unveiled before the game.

Down: Uh, did I mention the game?

Up: Great halftime tribute to newly inducted Hall of Famer Gene Hickerson. See pics here.

Down: #66 should have been inducted many years ago and maybe he would have been able to appreciate it more.

Up: Fun people with me at the game (Gary Baney and Heidi Hooper from Boundless Flight and Lev Gonick from Case)

Down: Did I mention the game?

Up:The Tribe came through on National TV agaisnt the Angels

Down: OK, no more mention of the game.

Up: There were about 4 guys looking at a huge hole on Euclid this morning about halfway between Mayfield and Chester. WooHoo!

Down: Summer sand volleyball is over

Up: Indoor volleyball starts tonight

And no more talking about the game.