Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life in Cleveland is Cyclical

That's the first line in an article called Cleveland Chooses Revival in LastMile Magazine.

It was a surprise to get the mail this morning and see the cover of the July/August 2007 issue. It features former Tech Czar Mike DeAloia standing in front of the Free Stamp holding an award.

Of course, DeAloia has moved on from the Tech Czar post.

The article won't bring anything new to Clevelanders but it gives an insightful look into the process of our municipal broadband initiative. The best part is a callout box that explains "Just what the heck is Michale DeAloia standing in front of on the cover of this issue of Last Mile."

The Free Stamp itself (love, hate, love, etc.) is a good example of the cyclical life in Cleveland.


Euclid Ave Update. 2 workers (1 was sweeping) were spotted between Chester and Mayfield this AM.