Friday, September 07, 2007

It's on the tip of my tongue

I admire people with a rich vocabulary. Especially those who use it effortlessly as opposed to those who try to impress.

I've always said that an old high school chum (who later went to law school at the University of Chicago and is now with a DC firm) had the best vocabulary I ever came across. He lived off 146th in Cleveland and read every book in their relatively small library branch when he was growing up. He started at the top of one shelf, borrowed as many as they would allow, read them and repeated the process.

Last night I heard Dr. Luis Proenza, President of the University of Akron, speak at a Neosa event at Lockkeepers. I expected him to have a well-prepared presentation. But what impressed me most was his excellent word choice in the extemporaneous Q&A session.

What a great example for his students and the community.

Euclid Ave. update - my excitement yesterday may have been premature. There was zero, zip, nada activity again today. Drat.