Friday, September 14, 2007

University Circle Update

This morning was a perfect example of the mess on Euclid between Chester and Mayfield.

Besides the usual ugly, torn up streets that students and pedestrians must traverse.

Since they are down to 4 narrow lanes (2 each way), if something goes wrong, it's a major problem. This morning a delivery truck was blocking one of the lanes going West - so 1 lane was open westbound.

Then the sirens started and 2 fire trucks and a rescue squad started coming up Chester. The westbound lane had nowhere to go and the 2 eastbound lanes were packed so everyone had to do some fancy and dangerous maneuvering.

The whole time, I spotted 1 worker sitting in a vehicle.

I hope nobody is injured or killed while waiting for an ambulance or other emergency support while the road sits torn up and practically untouched.

And for what? As Feagler (I think it was him) pointed out, Do you really think the Severance Hall crowd is going to suddenly abandon their cars and decide to hop a bus down to East 4th? The same people who ride the bus now will ride the bus then.

Most people will not abandon their cars because there is a shiny new bus line going up Euclid.

Now if we hadn't sold (for a song) our street cars to Toronto, that would have been a cool, workable option. Don't get me started on that fiasco.