Monday, March 16, 2015

St Patrick's Day

Don’t believe the exaggerations from the media that St Patrick’s Day is a drunken bash.  The few problems, usually from a handful of young people who are not Irish or could care less about the cultural significance of the day, make for great TV highlights but do not reflect the spirit of the day.

Many Irish start the day with Mass – it is a religious holiday in Ireland – and there is even an event called Sober Seventeenth, a family friendly, alcohol free event.  Whether you are Irish or not, enjoy Cleveland’s biggest parade.

It’s always fun to see the Cleveland Asian Festival marching in the Parade.  Hopefully Paramjit Singh, a Sikh friend, will wear his green turban again.   There will also be marchers from the Polish community and frequently Hungarians, Ukrainians and other participate as well with all the Irish groups. 

It's a great day for all. 

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