Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow and Ice Storm

Jim Evans suggested that we add "A hot member of the opposite sex . . . for extra body heat in the sleeping bag." to our list of snow storm travel preparations.

That reminded me of a true story.

In the blizzard of 1977, a co-worker and I left work downtown at 3PM and didn't get home till almost 11PM. We took our usual route - Chester - Euclid - Mayfield.

We must have helped 100 cars by pushing them out of drifts - we even directed traffic for awhile. All through University Circle and Little Italy. It was actually fun at times.

We both learned a lesson though in the first few hours of being cooped up in the car. In Hour 1 and 2 we looked at the other cars hoping to find cute girls. That was the #1 priority. We added looking for food around Hour 4 but by Hour 5 and beyond, our biggest concern was finding a bathroom!

After being stuck on Chester for 3 hours last month the same process played out - but much quicker!

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