Friday, August 20, 2010

Cleveland Browns Schedule

There are some good and some bad things about the 2010 Cleveland Browns schedule. All of the regular season games are Sundays at 1PM. That's good. This team doesn't need too much national exposure yet. And Sunday at 1PM is the perfect time for NFL football.

The Ravens come in the day after Christmas and the Steelers end the season the day after New Years. You will see a lot of college kids in place of us regular season ticket holders for those games probably.

Exhibition games stink but the 2 this year are interesting. Tomorrow night there will be fireworks after the rams game. That should be fun.

The other home pre-season game is Chicago but the cool thing i that it's Saturday night of the Air Show and the pilots always go wild during browns games showing off above the stadium. Can't wait for that one.

2010 Brown football schedule


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