Monday, March 06, 2017

Kurentovanje in Cleveland

Kurentovanje is a cultural event which connects ethnology, culture, arts, and people from all over Europe. It has been celebrated in Slovenia for the past 50 years. The central figure of the carnival, the Kurent, is believed to chase away winter and usher in spring with its supernatural powers. Kurentovanje has a Mardi Gras feel so many participants wore masks to help scare away winter.

Did you know that there are more Slovenians in Cleveland Ohio than anywhere in the world except for Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia?

The 5th annual Cleveland version of the most popular carnival in Slovenia - Kurentovanje - began with a parade. The units gathered at Sterle's on East 55th and marched up St Clair to the Slovenian National Home.

This video is highlights of the Parade.

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