Saturday, August 27, 2016

One World Day tomorrow

The 71st annual One World Day will be held in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens on Sunday August 28, 2016.

This is the 100th anniversary of the Cultural Gardens (the first one was established in 1916) so there are some very special happenings that day. The price is right (free), getting there and parking is easy and free and shuttles and trolleys will help you get around. And those of us of a certain age all know the headlining act Michael Stanley who will perform for free at 6:15 PM!

You may choose to spend much of the day in the Garden(s) of your heritage enjoying the performances and food. Or you may want to see some new and different acts and try new food and drinks. Here are a few items to encourage you to attend:
  • Free Parking, Free Admission, Free Entertainment, Free Souvenir book
  • Free Lolley the Trolley tours of the Gardens
  • Free Passport to Peace activities in each Garden
  • Ethnic food in each Garden - Hofbrau Haus Beer Garden in the German Garden, Slyman's corned beef, Hungarian Budapest Cafe, Vietnamese Bahn Mi, specialty ice cream, etc.
  • Variety of ethnic performances throughout the Gardens. Very diverse, something for everyone, unique settings. Examples Scottish Games, Yoga, Asian dance, opera, Middle Eastern dance, etc.
  • Inspiring Naturalization ceremony for new citizens from about 25 different countries
  • Parade of Flags featuring dozens of nationalities, ethnic costumes and more.
  • Special Centennial headlining act - Michael Stanley and friends! (Free concert!)
  • And lots more.
Yes, Cleveland's own Michael Stanley will be the closing performance (about 6:15PM) on Sunday. For free!

For people unfamiliar with the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, getting there and parking always seem to be a concern. The Parking team has made it very easy for you to get to and park (for free) in the Gardens for One World Day. Believe me; it's easier than it sounds.

With all the signs and volunteers you can't miss it. See Online Maps

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