Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Salad Dilemma - Good for you or a waste of water, soil and resources?

Maury Feren is now 100 years old and has been in the produce business for over 85 years.  He wonders if the nutritional value of lettuce salads is actually good for you - especially when you look at the expense in water and other resources to bring us that lettuce.

Here is a snippet of his column:

...He emphasized the fact that salads were really not all that nutritious, nor did they really fill the needs of your body for green stuff. I'm speaking mostly about the leaf vegetables because that is what I will be concentrating on when I continue on this subject.

I am truly angry at myself because I have been doing the same thing using salad as a filler expecting it to fill all my green needs when in truth there is nothing there in terms of body and nutritional value.

There is another problem. Thousands of pounds of lettuce are grown and shipped from the most arid area in the country. Lettuce needs lots of water. So we wind up spending all that money transporting lettuce 3,000 miles under refrigeration. This burns up tremendous energy and getting little for our money. I always thought that salads where on the right track but lets take a close look at what we have done. ....

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