Friday, April 10, 2015

Internet of Things - Cleveland [R]IoT

The Internet of Things [IoT] is the heart of innovation and has an enormous impact on the way we do business. By 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected and the market will be worth $14 trillion.
OneCommunity realizes this is an exciting time in the world of technology, and in the city of Cleveland, so they organized this introductory event to bring together local leaders to discuss the creation of a smarter, more inter-connected world, with the goal of transforming ideas into reality over the next year.

Lev Gonick, CEO of OneCommunity, welcomed the crowd to the Cleveland [R]Iot Regional Summit at the Global Center for Health Innovation. [R]Iot stands for Realizing the Internet of Things. Gonick told how the region may not have fully taken advantage of the first two chapters of the Digital Revolution - The Internet and 802.11 Wi-Fi, but Cleveland and Northeast Ohio are poised to take advantage of what may become the 3rd Chapter - the Internet of Things.

See more from the Cleveland [R]IoT Regional Summit

Cleveland RIoT panel

David Kalb of AT&T, James Benson of GE Lighting, John Kerg of Arrow Electronics, Matt Hoover of Embedded Planet and Catherine Bules of One Community

The Summit was captured graphically in this creation by Graphics Recorder Johnine Byrne.

Graphical record of Cleveland Riot

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