Friday, May 24, 2013

Fax me Baby

I sent a fax the other day.

That doesn't sound like a big deal but it's been many months since I sent the last one. Being a Geek I used to have a portable fax that could be (gulp) attached to my belt to demonstrate my Alpha Geek status.

Now, we keep the fax machine off because every morning there would be a bunch of spam advertisements and never anything "good."

When I needed to send a quick page the other day and the company just listed their fax number, I plugged in the fax, took a moment to remember that the paper went in face down and top end first and sent it off.

It was convenient and fast but I have no idea what it looked like to the recipient. You can be pretty sure when you attach a pdf to an e-mail.

With a scanner on my desk, the fax has been used less and less. We don't print our fax number on business cards or letterhead anymore. Do you?

Let us know how often you use the fax machine and why. We will publish some of the most interesting comments (anonymous if you prefer).

Leave a comment - just don't fax it.

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