Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turban and Beard = Terrorist?

We all remember the photos of Osama Bin Laden with turban and beard and brown skin after the September 11th attack.

Unfortunately, those photos have been devastating to the Sikh community in the US.

99% of the people wearing turbans in the US are Sikhs from India.

As is often the case, some education goes a long way in dispelling fear and even hatred. A special program on Sikhism at the City Club addressed this.

As you can hear in a short video, the 3 main pillars of Sikhism should be acceptable to almost anyone.

Take a few moments to learn about Sikhs from my posting on the City Club event.

And next time you see someone point to someone with a beard in a turban and call him a terrorist, tell them that they are Sikhs, members of a peaceful faith.

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