Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors for 20,000 people

Cavaliers fans attending the Friday, April 9th game vs. the Indiana Pacers will be the first in the NBA to experience a new level of fan interaction with the debut of “CrowdWave,”­ a game system designed specifically to allow fans to play together simply by moving their arms.

The CrowdWave game platform is a mass-participation technology that uses the collective movement of a crowd to control the video games that will appear on Q-Tube, Quicken Loans Arena’s video scoreboard.

The Cavaliers CrowdWave launch line-up will include five applications (two games and three polls) including Rock, Paper, Scissors pits one lucky fan against the entire crowd. The crowd votes for rock, paper or scissors by moving their body in a particular direction as the player reveals his or her choice. The quick nature of this game allows for a tournament style multiple rounds over the course of the evening.

More on CrowdWave at the Cleveland Cavs game.

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