Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mmmmm Apples - Top Ten Varieties

The last several peaches I ate were brown inside. I guess their time is over for the season. But that means it's apple time!

When apples are in season you just can't beat them. I usually eat the entire apple - even the core. I started that as a kid even though the seeds contain a little of the poison cyanide.

I usually eat Delicious apples. I've tried a few other varieties - the green Granny Smiths. Golden Delicious and others but a good old Delicious is still my favorite.

But after reading this list of Top Ten Apple varieties I am eager to try a few others.

And I am always open to accepting apple pies and other dishes. Here's a couple books of apple recipes (Hint, hint)

Apple Pie Perfect: 100 Delicious and Decidedly Different Recipes for America's Favorite Pie

A Is for Apple: More Than 200 Recipes for Eating, Munching and Cooking with America's Favorite Fruit

The Big Fat Red Juicy Apple Cookbook