Sunday, October 11, 2009

I must be hungry

Another food post!

I thought the Cleveland Indians did a tremendous job in one area at least this summer. Their new food options were terrific.

They teamed up with some Wellness chefs at the Cleveland Clinic for some tasty and healthy ballpark fare such as baked sweet potato "fries," guacamole with whole grain chips, vegetable chili, Waldorf salad, salmon sliders, grilled chicken breasts, chocolate bars and frozen banana chips dipped in dark chocolate.

Watch a short video with Executive Chef Jim Perko from Cleveland Clinic

But the Cavs may have trumped them - and hopefully their season will be much better too.

Quicken Loans Arena has a deal with Cleveland's own Iron Chef Michael Symon for food for Cavs games and other events. Bar Symon at The Q and The B Spot will both offer Chef Symon's award-winning fare.

How about some Pork Pastrami – a sandwich with coleslaw, stadium mustard and Swiss cheese on rye bread while watching Lebron James dunk?

Or Michael Symon's Mac & Cheese – made with rosemary, goat cheese and roasted tomatoes during a Shaq Attack?

Can't wait for tip off!

See more of the Michael Symon- Cleveland Cavaliers deal

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