Monday, January 18, 2021

Cutii companion robot for isolated seniors

 Though Covid-19 made CES 2021 a virtual affair, thanks to ShowStoppers we were able to see some of the latest and greatest technology via Zoom press conferences. That includes the very cool Cutii.

Even before the pandemic, seniors often suffered from isolation and loneliness. Throw in stay-at-home orders and the inability to visit or be visited and the problem is magnified. Millions of seniors are isolated and alone. Experts say that Loneliness is toxic, at enormous moral and economic cost. For example
  • 12 million women 75+ live alone (USA)
  • 27% have only one conversation a week
  • Social isolation increases Medicare costs by an estimated $6.7 billion every year.
The goal of the team at Cutii is to add "Many additional engaged & connected years of living for our seniors at risk of isolation."

Cutii companion robot with grandson on the display

Cutii is a Companion Robot for isolated seniors. Cutii is designed for friendship. It's a "live-in companion" that learns the design of the senior's room.

Seniors communicate directly with Cutii. It's 100% voice activated and offers 2 way calling and text messages. Cutii can entertain and occupy the mind and body with live activities like Yoga, Tai Chi, poetry reading, games, trivia and so on.

And, of course, Cutii can call for help in the event of an emergency.

A senior can
  • Call loved ones, send messages and photos
  • Play games, trivia and more
  • Seek help or care from the comfort of home
  • Say "Cutii I need help!" and get help
Here is some of the Technology and IP behind the Cutii.

  • Autonomously mobile, voice-controlled robot
  • Articulating head
  • Proprietary software and AI speech
  • Not restricted by Google, Amazon, FB, etc
  • Smart home / IoT integration
  • ZigBee, ZWave, Bluetooth, wifi
  • Proprietary PCB and injection molds
  • European CE mark, and GDPR compliance
Here is the Value Proposition:


  • Peace of mind
  • Less costly than live in caregiver
  • 24/7 Monitoring
Home Health
  • Enable new revenue streams
  • Long term recurring revenue
  • Help clients stay in homes
Assisted Living
  • New revenue streams via in-room add on
  • Entertain & engage residents

Communal space is pre-mapped & Cutii knows the "points of interest". So a Senior resident can say:"Cutii, come to the sofa." or "Raise your head."

If the senior says "Cutii, I need help" since Cutii is always listening it will kick-off an emergency response workflow. For example:

  • Calls for help, in pre-determined sequence.
  • If answered, message sent to each person in the call list confirming response.
  • If not answered, calls first responders.
Of course the live 2-way video could be used for Telehealth consults with Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc. Cutii is secure and private platform developed under EU GDPR regulations.

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