Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Milutin Milankovic Bust dedication in Serbian Cultural Garden

The Serbian Cultural Garden in Cleveland continues to grow. A new bust of Milutin Milankovic was dedicated on Sunday August 20th in the Serbian Cultural Garden.  His Grace Bishop Irinej and Fr. Dragoslav Kosic officiated at the dedication.

Bishop Irinej and Alex Machaskee

Milutin Milankovic was a Serbian mathematician, astronomer, climatologist, geophysicist, civil engineer and popularizer of science. Milankovic gave two fundamental contributions to global science. The first contribution is the "Canon of the Earth’s Insolation", which characterizes the climates of all the planets of the Solar system.

The second contribution is the explanation of Earth's long-term climate changes caused by changes in the position of the Earth in comparison to the Sun, now known as Milankovitch cycles. This explained the ice ages occurring in the geological past of the Earth, as well as the climate changes on the Earth which can be expected in the future.

Photos and video of the Milutin Milankovic Bust ceremony

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