Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Easy to get to and attend Cleveland Asian Festival

Almost 50,000 people attended the Cleveland Asian Festival last year.  The 8th annual Cleveland Asian Festival this weekend (May 20 and 21 11AM – 7PM) promises to be just as popular.  Yet many people have not visited this free family event because they are unfamiliar with the location, parking and other logistics.

The Cleveland Asian Festival (CAF) is held on Payne Ave. between East 27th and East 30th streets.  If you know where Asia Plaza is you know where CAF is.  You can get to the Festival via normal routes to downtown/midtown such as Chester, Carnegie, Euclid and Superior from the East.  There are freeway exits from I90, 71 and 77 at Chester and Superior that will take you to East 30th.  Payne is between Superior and Chester.

FREE parking is available at East 24th and Payne Avenue in CSU Parking Lots #50, #54, and #57 and Magnet Lot #56.  There is no parking on East 30th or East 27th street.  This free parking is within walking distance (.2 miles) of the festival and Free Shuttle bus service rides provided by Ace Taxi occur every 10-15 minutes.

You will also see some “for fee” driveways and parking lots offering parking for money.  These are not affiliated with the Cleveland Asian Festival and should be used at your own risk.  We recommend the free official lots at East 24th and Payne.

When you arrive at the CAF get a free program book.  Better yet, download it now.

The book has a map and lists the schedule of performances.  Note there are 2 main stages for entertainment, a large food area, shopping area, kid’s area and inside Asia Plaza you will find free health screenings and other community resources.

There will be plenty of friendly and knowledgeable volunteers to assist you with any questions.  Look for people in blue CAF polo shirts if you need a board member and visit the Volunteer tent on Payne Ave. for more information.

No pets are allowed on the Festival grounds.

The Cleveland Asian Festival is a family-friendly event with something for everyone.  While it is a celebration of Asian heritage and AsiaTown you do not need to be Asian to attend and enjoy this outstanding event.

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