Sunday, July 31, 2011

President Garfield Monument

I was at a function at Lake View Cemetery and a friend, from the West Side, asked me a question. He said that since he had travelled all the way over to the East Side, he wanted to visit some other areas he had heard of.

He wanted to know where Little Italy and Coventry were.

I told him to go right about 1/4 mile for Little Italy and left 1/4 mile for Coventry. He was amazed.

Often we take things for granted that we are familiar with just because we see them all the time. If you have never seen the President Garfield monument at Lake View Cemetery, it's really worth a visit. The monument is huge - 180' and the statue inside is larger than life and kind of spooky.

You can visit the actual casket of the President and his wife in the basement or go to the roof and see the Cleveland skyline.

See a video and photos of the Garfield Monument until you can get there yourself.

Ask me for directions if you need to.

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