Thursday, November 24, 2005

How to Differentiate your Business

Marketing and Branding always seemed to be somewhat lame disciplines to me - something that people who couldn't do science or tech or heavy duty business like accounting got into.

But in an increasingly competitive global market, branding and differentiation are essential.

At the JCU Entrepreneur’s Association meeting last Saturday at Landerhaven, 3 experts – Sara Stashower, Kathy Ross and Jeanne Hauer - gave some ideas to the crowd.

I hadn’t heard of Kathy but when a Stashower (yes, of Ligget-Stashower) speaks, you listen. And Jeanne Hauer is not only Regional Marketing Director at Anthem but also author of Millionaire Women.

They had some interesting, if not revolutionary tips which I listed on this page.

What might be of greater interest is their combined recommended reading list – also available on that page.

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