Monday, April 25, 2005

School all year?

We have an interesting survey going on at Though the site is geared to the 50 and over crowd (and those who care for and about them) we get a bunch of younger visitors - and many of them vote in the anonymous surveys.

The current vote asks "Should Children go to School year round? "

Some of the comments are predictable - Yes - kids in other countries do and we are falling behind. Yes - it keeps kids off the streets. No - teachers won't work year round. No - kids need a break and so on.

I am surprised at the number of comments along the lines of - "It would help the parents out - they won't need daycare in the summer" or "At least if they go to school, kids will get a few decent meals each day in the summer."

Have we really come to this where schools are seen as providers of social services - as opposed to educational institutions?

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