Thursday, March 01, 2018

Lithuania's 100th anniversary celebration of Independence

On February 16, 2018, Lithuanians all over the world celebrated the birth of a new Lithuania. This date is like a bridge between the old Lithuania born on July 6, 1253 and the new independent Lithuania restored on March 11, 1990. Had it not been for February 16, there would have been no events of 11 of March, nor the subsequent success story.

The Centennial of the new Lithuania is a success story. The main achievements are as follows: Lithuania has become a player of the European and world history, with its modern civil society aware of the importance of freedom and the responsibility that goes with it, and with new emerging vistas for action for the Lithuanian state and its people.

On February 17, 2018 members and friends of the Lithuanian communities of Cleveland, Toronto, Montreal and more gathered for a beautiful and meaningful ceremony at Cleveland State University.

5 pages of coverage with videos of the entire ceremony and hundreds of photos are as follows:

Main Page 1 of 100th anniversary of Lithuania event

Page 2 - Svyturys and Gintaras Dancers

Page 3 - Choirs at 100th anniversary of Lithuania event

Page 4 - Dancers backed by Choir at 100th anniversary of Lithuania 

Page 5 - Combined groups Grand Finale

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