Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Russian Maslenitsa 2018

The Cleveland Russian Cultural Garden hosted its 4th annual Maslenitsa celebration at the Rockefeller Greenhouse.

Maslenitsa has its origins in both pagan and Christian traditions. In Slavic mythology, Maslenitsa is a celebration of the imminent end of the winter. It has been compared to Mardi Gras or Carnival.
The event was also a fund-raiser put on by the Russian Cultural Garden committee.

The Russian Cultural Gardens is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to promoting the Russian Heritage and Russian cultural influence in America. The Russian Cultural Garden has a prominent goal of building the Russian Cultural Garden as a part of the Cultural Gardens of Cleveland in the Rockefeller Park. 

The event was full of music, games, shopping, auction and Russian food and drink.

Photos and videos of Maslenitsa 

Babushka Contest Entrant

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Top 5 list of groups visited in January

Always interesting to see which pages get the most visits in a month.

The Top 5 groups with the most visitors in January 2018 on ClevelandPeople.Com were: Indian, Polish, Chinese, Lithuanian and Hungarian.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Kurentovanje Parade 2018 in Cleveland

The 6th annual Cleveland version of the most popular carnival in Slovenia - Kurentovanje - was a weeklong event featuring dinners, a dance party, bocce tournament and more. But the highlight was the annual Kurentovanje parade followed by the festival celebration in the Slovenian National Home.

We have 2 videos of the Parade - a short one and a longer one.  Follow this link:

Kurentovanje parade videos and pictures

The Krampus and other scary creatures, especially the Kurents, are supposed to scare winter away.

The Kurentovanje Parade units gathered in a freezing drizzle at St. Martin de Porres High School gym. Here is a short video of the St Martin de Porres High School drum line and dancers warming up before the parade.

See more of the St Martin de Porres High School drum line and dancers 

Prince and Princess of Kurentovanje - Philip Monreal and Abigail Bartlett

Congratulations to the Prince and Princess of Kurentovanje 2018 in Cleveland - Philip Monreal and Abigail Bartlett.

Folklorna Skupina Kres dancers at Cleveland Kurentovanje 2018

The 6th annual Cleveland version of the most popular carnival in Slovenia - Kurentovanje - was a weeklong event featuring dinners, a dance party, bocce tournament and more. But the highlight was the annual Kurentovanje parade followed by the festival celebration in the Slovenian National Home.

One of the highlights was the performance by Folklorna Skupina Kres who performed two dances at the 2018 Kurentovanje festival.

Here's one of the dances.

See the other dance and lots of pictures of Folklorna Skupina Kres 

Friday, February 09, 2018

Bob and Dan's Adventure to the PC Graveyard

Geek Blast from the Past

Computer techies (OK, geeks) Bob Coppedge and Dan Hanson used to take groups to various places of interest to computer professionals (OK, other geeks). They called it Bob and Dan's Excellent Adventures.

This video from 2004 was just unearthed from some old DVDs. This was a different adventure as Bob and Dan visited a cemetery and visited the graves of some old technology - from dBase to Win 95 before facing their own demise.

Watch it if you dare


Thursday, February 08, 2018

John Perry Barlow - RIP

John Perry Barlow was a founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a strong believer in cyber liberties, He co-founded the EFF in 1990 with John Gilmore and Mitch Kapor to promote Internet civil liberties and to champion free expression and privacy online.

He passed away Wednesday at the age of 70.
Barlow was also a lyricist for the Grateful Dead and co-wrote songs with the Dead's Bob Weir such as Mexicali Blues and Cassidy.

I got to meet Barlow at Comdex in Las Vegas in 2002 when he was a panelist debating Internet civil liberties.

Also on the panel was Richard Stallman who launched the GNU Project, founded the Free Software Foundation, developed the GNU Compiler Collection and GNU Emacs, and wrote the GNU General Public License.

I had heard that Stallman in particular was not easy to get along with but both men were very gracious in sharing their time after the debate in discussing issues with a geek from Cleveland.

These lyrics from Barlow's Mexicali Blues seem fitting today:

Is there anything a man don't stand to lose 
When the devil wants to take it all away
Cherish well your thoughts, keep a tight grip on your booze
'Cause thinking and drinking are all I have today

RIP John Perry Barlow

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Making Happy Chinese New Year Dumplings

On January 31st, the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University held the first workshop in the Chinese Culture Workshop Series; making dumplings to celebrate the approaching Chinese Spring Festival which will be held on February 16, 2018 and Chinese New Year Celebration which will be held on February 24, 2018.

Chinese cuisine enjoys worldwide prestige. Dumplings, are a traditional, mouth- watering comfort food, which make dumplings attractive to students on campuses and citizens around the world.

See photos and more from the Chinese Dumpling class

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Flip a coin

I often gets questions about gambling and the lottery. Just the other day I was asked to figure the odds of a tossed coin landing on 'heads' after 9 'heads' were tossed in a row.

I explained and the person still does not believe the answer. I told him that if a fair coin is tossed and heads comes up 9 times in a row it has no effect on the next toss. A coin has no memory so there is still the usual 50-50 chance of tails or heads. The previous 9 or 900 tosses have nothing to do with that next toss.

The confusion is about the probability of tossing 10 'heads' in a row. That's a whole 'nother smoke.

The probability of one head in a row is 1 out of 2 (.5), the probability of 2 heads in a row is 1 out of 4 (.5 x .5), 3 heads is 1 out of 8 (.5 x .5 x .5) and so on. So the probability of 10 heads in a row is 1 out of 1024 (.5 to the 10th power) or .0009765625.

In a real world case where someone tosses 9 heads in a row I would be concerned about the fairness of the coin. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Family Sick

3 family members have been in the hospital - 2 in intensive care - so we haven't been able to update the blog lately.  We will be back soon.  Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Class of the Cleveland International Hall of Fame

The 2018 Class of the Cleveland International Hall of Fame has been announced.  The committee chose from over 100 deserving nominees and agreed unanimously on these 6 individuals.  Congratulations to the Class of 2018.

  • Sister Alicia Alvarado (Puerto Rican heritage)
  • Sheila Murphy Crawford (Irish heritage)
  • Dr. Atul Mehta (Indian heritage)
  • Abdullah (Abby) Mina (Lebanese heritage)
  • Ralph Perk Jr. (Czech Heritage - American Nationalities Movement)
  • Judge Ray Pianka (posthumously) (Polish heritage)

They will be inducted in a dinner ceremony in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott at Key Center downtown on Tuesday April 17, 2018.  

To place a congratulatory message in the collector’s edition program book and/or for sponsorship and ticket information e-mail or call Debbie at 216-406-6594.

Magnum Computers Annual Holiday Party

Each year we like to gather an eclectic group of friends and business associates for a holiday lunch. No, it's not just techies. Media, non-profits, politicians, business, cultural - they were all represented.

The food and atmosphere at Bo Loong at 38th and St. Clair is always terrific and our 75 guests maxed out the party room.

Jose Feliciano

Jim Cookinham and Dan Hanson

Joshua Edmonds

Paramjit Singh

Russ Mitchell and Brad Sussman

Gia Hoa Ryan, Lisa Wong, Nada Martonovic and Oanh Loi-Powell

More photos from the 2017 Magnum Party

The attendees are involved in one or more of the projects that we are involved in such as: 

  • Computers Assisting People (CAP) Inc. which has refurbished and donated over 15,000 PCs to over 450 schools and non-profits in Cleveland.

  • where we celebrate the 100+ ethnic groups in the area and make it a more attractive destination for immigrant talent as well as showing what a cool and diverse city we live in.

  • which has grown, by popular demand, from a section on GreatLakesGeek to its own website with some great speakers and topics.

  • which was intended to give visiting reporters some interesting stories during the RNC and Cavs championship run but has evolved into a collection of great Cleveland stories, firsts and landmarks.

  • which is for foodies, chefs and wannabe chefs as we celebrate how Cleveland has become a foodie town with great chefs and restaurants.

  • Cleveland Food Adventurers a group that visits local ethnic restaurants and learns about the food and culture while enjoying camaraderie and a great meal.

  • for the 50 and over crowd and those who care for and about them.

  • ClevelandWomen.Com for girls and women of all ages in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

  • Cleveland International Hall of Fame which recognizes lifetimes of important and enduring contributions to Cleveland's multi cultural communities.

  • The business, science and technology information on is becoming more essential as many of our longtime favorite print publications have disappeared or cut back.

  • Magnum Computers Inc. where we try and earn some $ so we can volunteer more for CAP and support our other projects. (grin)

  • ClevelandPets.Com for the four-legged (and other) members of our families.
  • And some more projects we are working on.
When asked what the diverse group of guests had in common, some reflection made it clear that they, like us, love Cleveland. Most have had many opportunities to work and live in other cities. But we have all chosen to be here because we believe in the city.

As attendees introduced themselves, this became evident and all were impressed by the positive outlooks expressed.

And though the techies naturally gravitated to their own area, as did the media, international, political and other types of guests the fun was when seemingly unconnected people discovered a thread that connected them to someone else in the room.

Want to be invited next year? Let's do some positive things together next year.